This page will continuously be updated, addressing popular issues in Durham, as well as Darius' personal and political  stances to them.  It is important that whether we agree, or disagree, political candidates not attempt to straddle the fence, but are upfront with the citizens as to their positions on various issues.

I. DEVELOPMENT:  Darius feels that Durham needs to grow, not for the mere sake of being like other prominent cities, but for the purpose of effectively serving our growing, diverse population.  We should not be "anti development."  Such notions are foolish and ignore the many social, as well as economic benefits that development brings to our city.

II. THE ENVIRONMENT:  Darius firmly believes that while growth is necessary, responsible growth is more important and as such, he is very firm in his stance that we must grow carefully.  This means that a concerted effort must be established, by City Leadership, to make sure that in our growth, we are conscious of our God-given gifts (those being, to name a couple: water and air). This not only protects our health, but also our wallets.  By ignoring environmental concerns during the growth process, we ignore the fact that down the road, we will invest more, financially, fixing and/or attempting to recreate our nature-created safeguards, at a later point.  A building can be constructed on one day and destroyed the next.  Water purification and environmental care takes much longer and is a bit more expensive.

III. ANNEXATION:  Darius is for the enforcing of individual rights, which means the taking of personal property should be avoided at all costs by City Leadership.  The only occassions by which I would even entertain annexation, as a City Councilman would be in circumstances where the property owners in the proposed affected area, were in support of such actions.  I would support this action, however, in the few occassions where the benefit of the city, simply far outweighs the importance of the family/individual's personal investment/legacy.  I will add, this will be a high measure to accomplish, before me, on city council.